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How we work

All of our jewelry is designed with RHINOCEROS software, converted to *.stl, checked and tested as prototypes using Solidscape T66, ensuring that you receive a quality product


STL: General Principles

The use of a three dimensional (3D) CAD system in STL format (Standard Triangulation Language) which represents the standard format for mathematical PR styles, allows for the conversion of a solid 3D style into a "SHELL" type style in which the external surface is approximated with triangles of varying dimensions (dipending on the resolution required) in order to follow the profile of the style.

STL File


STL FIle The use of this format still poses various problems but, thanks to the spread of numerous corrective software programs,  it is currently still the most trustworthy format and the most widely used in the PR field.




How to use the STL files

Every piece of jewelry requires the correct choice of rubber.  For this reason we strongly recommend that the designed be scaled in percentage taking into account the rubber that will be used and its relative shrinkage.  To scale a 3D design, just open it with the RHINOCEROS software and create a 3D scale.


Stl File


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